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What Are The Best Hair Clippers For Black Men?

Best Hair Clippers For Black Men

There are so many hair clippers for men available on the market today, it can be very difficult to know what are the best hair clippers for black men to purchase. After all, hair clippers for men are not cheap, and it pays to ensure you have done your research before spending your hard earned money!

If you are a black man you know that your hair type is very distinctive, and you need a good quality hair clipper to achieve your desired style. A cheaper department store hair clipper may seem a good option to save money, however this will only deliver short term benefit. A cheaper hair clipper is a waste of money in the long run, as it will not be reliable and will only have a limited life. Adding to this that cheaper hair clippers for men are not as powerful and will not produce a professional result for you.

In order to assist you on knowing what are the best hair clippers for black men, we have provided an overview of the major hair clipper models available, and then based on a lot of feedback from professionals and consumers alike, what we believe to be the best hair clippers for black men available on the market today.


Oster Classic 76 Clipper – known as the ‘heavy duty’ clipper favored by professional hair stylists, this amazing tool has a detachable blade system; is quiet and remains cool for continuous professional use. You do not need to worry about overheating since this unit will stay cool for extended periods.

It is slightly larger to hold than some other clippers, however the reason is that this is a quality, professional tool. The Oster Classic 76 is one of the best hair clippers for black men, particularly if you plan to purchase hair clippers to use at home, as the Oster Classic 76 will easily and comfortably create a neat, tidy hairstyle that rivals what you can achieve by going to a professional salon.

Whilst it will cost you a little more to purchase this quality tool, you will save a great deal of money in the long run. No more expensive, inconvenient trips to a hair salon! You can now achieve a professional result in the comfort of your own home!


Andis Ceramic Detachable Blade Clipper – a very high quality cordless clipper that produces outstanding results. It easily manages all hair types and thicknesses, to produce a wide range of styles. As such it would be one of the best hair clippers for men available today, albeit at a higher cost.

The Andis Ceramic Detachable Blade Clipper is the most powerful cordless rotary clipper available on the market. On a full charge, it will last for a full hour on full power, providing the ultimate convenience. If you have ever tried clipping your hair at home, it can be inconvenient and dangerous to be maneuvering around cords.

With this unit that is not an issue! It is a very versatile unit that provides portability for travel. The other great factor about this quality product is that it uses ceramic blades, which not only stay sharp for a longer period of time, however also stay cooler when used for long periods of time. The unit will fit all Andis Ultraedge and Ceramicedge blades, making for easy and affordable replacement.

The product comes in a hard carry case to ensure you can take the unit and all your accessories anywhere, maximizing the convenience the unit offers.


Oster Fast Feed Clipper with Adjustable Blade – This unit, like all Oster products, is a heavy duty product designed and intended for challenging hair types. As far as the best hair clippers for black men are concerned, this unit is certainly worthy of consideration. It can be run continuously for over an hour, and is relatively low maintenance.

The unit features 4 comb guides, and the powerful pivot motor is designed to cut seamlessly even through wet hair. Styles that can be achieved range from 000 through to medium length.

The Oster Fast Feed Clipper does require oiling occasionally, and a starter kit of oil is provided with the product for your convenience. The unit is quite easy to clean. It must be noted that this unit is not as advanced as the Oster Classic 76 which has our highest recommendation, however like all Oster products, this unit is designed to be as easy and effective to use as possible. 


Wahl Cromado Cord-Cordless Trimmer – a very high quality unit within the ‘Wahl Professional Series’, this unit will handle all hair types. It uses a high quality NI-MH battery so there is no ‘memory loss’ as you often get with rechargeable batteries, where after a while they will not recharge for any length of time.

This product is built with the professional hair stylist in mind. Whilst it may sound strange, this product was actually designed for use on animals, and therefore is extremely heavy duty. The benefit of this is that it means for African-American hair it will cut easily and neatly without any pulling or discomfort, definitely making these one of the best hair clippers for black men on the market.

The unit is built in Germany, which is testament to its quality given the Germans are renowned for their mechanical and engineering expertise. The clippers come with an adjustable 5 position blade, which provides a number of different cut lengths from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch. 


Oster AC T-finisher-heavy duty trimmer – ideally best used around neckline, sideburns, ears and is also excellent for trimming of beards and mustaches. You would not use this unit for hair cutting as such, however for trimming of other hair such as beards it is an excellent unit. The unit features a single long lasting, close cutting blade. The product comes complete with a starter kit of oil, and a carry case. 


So what is our recommendation for the best hair clippers for black men? The Oster Classic 76 is by far the most preferred professional clipper on the market today, and is preferred by 9 out of 10 barbers, including professional African-American barbers.

The clippers are reliable, powerful, and provide the precision required to cut even the most challenging hair types, to give you a neat, professional finish every time.

If you are looking for the best hair clippers for black men, then buy the hair clippers that barbers choose to buy, the Oster Classic 76.

Would you still like more proof on how good these clippers are? Check out these reviews!

AmazonOster 76076-010 Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper

Oster Classic 76 professional clipper is a heavy-duty professional clipper that is built to last. Exceptional power, performance and durability make


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How To Cut Mens Hair With Clippers

Purchasing hair clippers for men is a significant investment. It is important to understand how to cut men’s hair with clippers to ensure you achieve the most professional result everytime. This short video by a professional hairdresser shows you how to ensure you use hair clippers for men in the right way to get the perfect result. Thanks to ExpertVillage for this very informative and useful instructional video.

What you will discover in this video is the correct way to cut men’s hair with clippers. Having a great hair clipper tool is only part of the secret to success in achieving a great hair cut in the comfort of your own home. You need to know the correct way to use the tool when learning how to cut men’s hair with clippers.

Some people think that you can achieve a complete haircut solely using hair clippers. This is not the case. Certainly the more proficient you become at using hair clippers for men, the greater role they will play in helping you to achieve an excellent result. You will still need to use scissors to taper and manage the finer detail, however learning how to properly use hair clippers when creating a men’s haircut will add greatly to the speed of the exercise, and style that can be achieved.

One of the key things you will learn in this video is that it is critical to start at the bottom of the head and work your way up to ensure a correct and even consistency in the cut. This will help to remove the ‘thick‘ allowing you to then work to refine the style of the haircut to the person’s liking. How you hold the clippers is also very important as you will learn in the video.

This video forms part of a series of videos from ExpertVillage we are providing to ensure you get the best out of your hair clippers.In other videos you will learn the most important tip when cutting hair with clippers, among other useful insights from professional hairdressers! Please check out the various instructional videos in our ‘How To Create A Professional Men’s Hair Cut’ series!

The Most Important Tip When Cutting Hair With Clippers


If there is one important rule when cutting hair with clippers, it is to use hair clippers on dry hair! This short video by a professional hairdresser shows using clippers on wet hair can result in damaging your quality clippers and will result in a poor haircut! Thanks to ExpertVillage again for a great instructional video.

Cutting damp hair is not unlike mowing wet grass! This may seem like an odd comparison, however if you have ever tried to mow damp grass you will know what I mean! The grass pulls and tears, and does not ‘sit right’ when cut. It is only when it dries that you get an accurate idea of how successful the cut ended up being. Strange as it may sound, cutting hair with clippers is not that much different! When using hair clippers for men, always ensure you use them on dry hair for a perfect result.

It is also important when cutting hair with clippers to ensure you are doing so on clean hair. Hair that is free of oil and dirt will be easier to cut, and the result will be far better than if the hair is not clean. This does not mean necessarily you need to shampoo and condition the hair immediately prior to the haircut. You may wash your hair in the morning, and it will still be in good condition for a cut that evening, or during the day, once your hair is dry.

You will often see hairdressers wash client’s hair prior to giving a hair cut with scissors, and the hair is easier to control. It is important however that if a hairdresser is to use the hair clippers on the client they do so on dry hair to ensure the hair is not pulled, and the result of the clipped style can be easily monitored as the clipping is done.

For more instructional videos on how to achieve the best haircut when cutting hair with clippers, please check out our ‘How To Create A Professional Men’s Hair Cut’ series!


How To Achieve Fantastic Black Men Haircuts At Home!

If you are a black man you know that keeping your hairstyle to your liking takes a lot of effort. Furthermore achieving professional quality black men haircuts can be challenging, as a black man has a distinctive hair type that requires special technique to keep in order. It is challenging enough to learn how to cut your own hair, however if like many black men you want to produce and maintain a close shaven head, or a uniquely individual hairstyle, this challenge can become even more difficult.

This excellent video guide shows you in less than 10 minutes exactly how to produce professional black mens haircuts. The video covers the use of hair clippers for men, as well as scissors and how to use them in conjunction with hair clippers for a perfect result. One of the reasons we wanted to share this video with you is that it does not only show you a black man’s hair being cut, it also shows you on a model the areas of the head, and how to cut each of them specifically to ensure you achieve the best overall ‘seamless‘ result. As the video shows it is crucial that you use the best hair clippers you can afford and maintain them well to deliver the result you are looking for. While good quality hair clippers are quite expensive to purchase, they provide you with the convenience of using at home, saving you time and money. It also will not take you long to pay for your investment by saving you trips to the black barbers regularly to maintain your black men haircut.

Our recommendation for the best hair clippers for black men are the Oster Classic 76, which are the preferred hair clippers for men used by black barbers the world over! Feel free to read our in-depth review of this excellent hair clipper here

Further videos that may be of assistance to you in learning how to achieve professional black men haircuts at home may be found in our educational series ‘How To Create A Professional Men’s Hair Cut’



How To Achieve Professional Childrens Haircuts At Home!

Children’s hair grows so quickly, and if you visit a barber or hairdresser, you will know that it is expensive to have childrens haircuts completed. Granted they are less expensive than adult haircuts, however considering the small amount of hair that the hairdresser needs to remove, it is still quite an expensive process for many. It is possible to achieve great haircuts for children at home, if you know what you are doing. In order to get the complete professional feel you need to know how to achieve childrens haircuts using hair clippers as well as scissors.

In this video from professional hairdresser Ken Graham, he demonstrates how to use hair clippers to cut a child’s hair. It is important to learn how to use the clippers properly to avoid mistakes, and to ensure your children’s hair looks nice and presentable for school photographs 🙂 There is a technique for using hair clippers that is as important for a child as it is for a man’s hair, and whilst the technique is essentially the same, the shape of a child’s head does make a difference and hence requires a special understanding as to how to achieve the best result.

Using hair clippers for men on a child is a great way to develop your child’s hair style from an early age, and hence you can control the output without relying on a hairdresser to achieve the same outcome each time. As your child decides to alter their hair style as they grow older, you can adjust the comb sizes used on your clippers to deliver the result for them that they are looking for. The earlier you start using hair clippers for childrens haircuts the more your skill level will improve also, in the long run saving you significant time and money!

Cutting Hair At An Angle Using Hair Clippers For Men

When you are cutting hair with clippers, it is very important to learn the correct techniques to assist you in getting the perfect result every time. The best way to learn is often to copy someone who is doing it successfully. In this case, who better to show you the technique for cutting hair at an angle using hair clippers for men than a professional hairdresser!

We again extend our thanks to ExpertVillage for this short instructional video. In it you will learn the best way to trim your hair after you have used hair clippers for men to achieve a great looking blend in your desired style. Often people think when using scissors, they should just cut directly from the side of the head above where the hair clippers have been used, however this will not give you the correct result.

The only way to properly achieve the perfect blend for the top of the side of the head, through to the crown of the head, is to take hair between your fingers and extend it 90 degrees out from the scalp, and cut hair at an angle in this manner, ensuring it is combed back over the clipped section each time.

If you watch professional hairdressers or barbers at work, you will notice they use this technique constantly. Whilst it may look like they are doing repetitive motions to cut small sections of hair at a time, it is actually a critical part of the process to achieve a great looking result.

It is also important that you use a pair of sharp hair clipping scissors for this exercise, to ensure the hair is not pulled and is cut evenly. Using your hair clippers for men, you will find that you can achieve the majority of your style with the clippers themselves, however cutting hair at an angle requires a little practice to ensure you have the correct blending of two cutting techniques to achieve your desired result.

In a future video in our How To Create A Professional Men’s Hair Cut’ series’, ExpertVillage will demonstrate how easy it is to achieve a comb-over cut when using hair clippers for men.

How To Disassemble Your Oster Classic 76 Clippers!

Whilst we would not recommend that you regularly take apart your Oster Classic 76 Hair Clippers for men, there may be times where you need to disassemble them in order to clean them, or if you wish to ensure all working parts are in order. If you are a handyman, you will find that with a screwdriver and pliers you can quite easily take your Oster Clippers apart.

The trick is always to remember how to put them back together again! In this excellent video guide, you will learn in less than 10 minutes how to completely dissasemble your Oster Classic 76 clippers, and as the presenter shows, all you need to do to put them back together is to ‘reverse the process’, putting everything back together in the same order as you took it apart!

Of course like any handyman exercise the key is organisation. You need to preplan ensure you set your screws and parts aside in the order in which you removed them, and be very careful not to ’round’ your screw holes by forcing the screws or you will have trouble getting the screws out next time!

One very important thing to remember also is that you should not attempt to take your Oster Classic 76 clippers apart whilst the unit is under warranty, as any sign of opening the unit poses the risk of voiding your warranty. If the unlikely event that your Oster clippers do not work properly during the warranty period, be sure to contact a service center as your repair costs may be covered – please check the warranty card first to check this is the case! Any sign of tampering, including screw holes being rounded, may be enough for the manufacturer to reject your claim for warranty support!

In another video in our ‘Maintaining Hair Clippers For Men’ series you will see that there is no need to completely disassemble your Oster Classic 76 clippers in order to maintain them, however if you are the curious type or want to take them apart completely this video guide above will assist you. If you wish to view the ‘twice a year maintenance’ video please click here.








Ensure Your Oster Classic 76 Clippers Last You A Lifetime!

Like any highly tuned precision equipment, your Oster Classic 76 hair clippers need some love and attention from time to time, in order to keep them operating at their best. You have spent a considerable sum of money to purchase these professional hair clippers for men, therefore it is important to ensure you take good care of them to ensure they return not only perfect haircut results, but also the savings you can make by managing your hair style needs at home! In actual fact, if you think of how much use hair clippers for men would get at a barber or hairdresser salon and the ‘punishment’ they receive from daily use, there is no reason why with regular care you cannot keep your Oster Classic 76 hair clippers in top condition for many years to come.

The video above is only 9 minutes long, but has some excellent information and tips on how to maintain your Oster Classic 76 clippers. David Guerin, the self-dubbed ‘Style Renegade’ produced this video that shows you how easy it is to keep your clippers in good condition. With regular cleaning and a twice yearly maintenance exercise the time is well spent to maintain your investment in excellent condition. Thanks David for the great insights and tips!

It is of course important to remember not to do anything that can void your warranty during the coverage period. Your manual that comes with the Oster Classic 76 hair clippers will advise what to do to clean the clippers regularly and what maintenance is required, including oiling the machine. Beyond this however the manufacturer would probably advise to take your clippers to an approved service center, however this will cost you quite a bit of money. Some of the maintenance that needs to be performed is easily done at home if care is taken.

In a further video in the ‘Maintenance Of Hair Clippers For Men’ we will show you exactly how to take your Oster Classic 76 hair clippers to pieces, in order to give them as thorough a clean as possible. We do not recommend going to this level necessarily, however if you find that you have an issue with your clippers and are handy, you can easily perform this exercise yourself as long as you are careful and keep track of your steps!







Hair Cutting Techniques – Point Cutting With Scissors

In this video thanks to ExpertVillage, you can learn one of the most important hair cutting techniques – how to point cut men’s hair to give the perfect blend when cutting men’s hair with clippers. This is a really important technique to master, and if you can, you will produce a fantastic result when cutting hair with clippers. It really is not difficult to achieve. Like all techniques, half the battle is being shown by someone who knows what they are doing, so that you can practice and learn it for yourself to make yourself an expert when using hair clippers for men!

Many people when cutting hair with scissors tend to select a section of hair and cut it horizontally from the head. The problem when doing this is that the hair, when laid down, will not sit correctly across the clipped section. This results in the scissor cuts looking odd and out of place, as they do not create a uniform look in line with the neatly trimmed section. In learning how to cut men’s hair with scissors, this is one of the most important professional techniques you can learn!

As Casey demonstrates in this video, the key is to do what is called point cutting, or notch cutting. In summary you hold the hair away from the head and ‘notch’ the hair on an angle, and continue to do so until the hair is at the desired length. Whilst it may seem like this would create an inconsistent result, in actual fact the opposite is true. When the hair is combed down, you will see you have a beautifully consistent blend with the section you have styled with your hair clippers for men.

In the next video in our ‘How To Create A Professional Men’s Hair Cut’ video series, you will learn how to cut the top section of the hair when cutting men’s hair with clippers. To watch the next video in the series, click here….


Hair Cutting Techniques – Cutting The Top Section of Men’s Hair


In this video you will discover how to cut the top of men’s hair, being one of the key hair cutting techniques used by professional hairdressers and barbers. Thanks again to ExpertVillage for this 2 1/2 minute video showing this technique in detail.

Following on from our last video, you will now know how to point cut men’s hair to get a perfectly blended result when using hair clippers for men. Now that you know how to achieve this result with scissors, it is time to put it into practice for the top section of the head to complete the hair cut!

When cutting the top section of hair, it is important to create an imaginary section that extends from the back to the front of the head. This is known as the mid section, or sometimes is called the ‘mohawk’ section of the top of the head.

The trick is to utilize your point cutting hair cutting technique, starting at the back and slowly working your way to the front of the head, combing over the clipped section at each stage to ensure a perfect and consistent blend.

When you reach the front of the hair, it is critical not to cut straight across the fringe section. Depending upon what effect you want in relation to the length of your front section, you must continue to point or notch cut the front section of hair, grasping it tightly at each stage to ensure an even effect when cutting. Once you have been able to do this successfully, you have mastered one of the main professional hair cutting techniques!

Please do check out the other videos in our series ‘How To Create A Professional Men’s Hair Cut’. You will learn so many hair cutting techniques that can take professionals years to master, however by watching and learning from this video series you can quickly master the hair cutting techniques to ensure you get the best result from your hair clippers for men!



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