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Andis 01557 Master Clippers Review – Fantastic for All-Around Cutting

A hair clipper is something that is absolutely necessary to give a man a tidy and short haircut. It can be used to cut hair short with the right kind of fading and tapering at the sides. There are many clippers available in the market these days but the Andis Master Clippers is probably one of the best ones available today.

The Andis 01557 Improved Master Professional Clippers is one of the preferred choices for professional barbers and hair stylists everywhere but it is also very popular with people who want to trim their hair at home.

Lots of men buy hair clippers so that they can tidy their appearance on a daily basis. They trim their hair as part of their daily grooming routine. This makes them feel self-assured about their looks and it gives them the confidence to grab all sorts of opportunities, whether they are professional or personal.

The Andis Master Hair Clippers has earned a very good reputation in the market thanks to the many qualities that its manufacturers have given it. This set of clippers is perfect for heavy duty work since its motor can run on high speed for a considerable period of time without overheating too much. As a matter of fact, its magnetic motor is capable of generating 14,000 cutting strokes per minute which gives it very impressive speed. However, it might heat up too much if it used continuously for 30 minutes or so.

The other noticeably great thing about this set of clippers is that it hardly makes any noise, which is quite surprising for heavy duty equipment. If there is too much noise then it can generally be made to go away by tightening screws on the clipper body.

The Andis Master Clippers is the perfect choice for long term use because it is rather light without being flimsy. As a matter of fact, its casing made of lightweight aluminum ensures that it is strong and durable while being easy on the wrists at the same time. Another feature that makes this set of clippers easy to use is that it has a side switch that can be controlled by the thumb, enabling the user to switch it on and off without any effort.

Andis Master Clippers comes with a high quality carbon steel blade that lasts very long without losing its edge. It is possible to adjust the blade according to the texture of the hair that has to be clipped. Many high speed clippers are not able to cut fine and coarse hairs with the equal level of expertise. This is the perfect set of clippers for precision use. It can give a very neat trim even though it is used at very high speed.  The clippers come with special oil that has to be applied to the blade while they are in use. This makes sure that the blade gives a good cut without losing its sharp edge. If looked after well, the Andis Master Clippers can be used for a very long time.

Can Andis Hair Clippers Be Used Effectively At Home?

Most people feel that the Andis Master Clippers is not suitable for home use precisely because it is very popular with professionals such as barbers and hair stylists. There is no doubt that one needs to get used to this set of clippers in order to get them to work well. They work so fast that a person without a steady hand might not be able to cut hair properly. Also, they are no doubt lighter than many other brands available in the market but they can still be quite heavy. A person needs to have a steady grip and a reasonable amount of wrist strength in order to use them for the time required to have a good haircut.

These clippers are suitable only for cutting dry hair unlike comparable brands that can be used to cut wet hair with a great deal of ease.

The Andis Master Clippers is slightly more expensive than many other hair clippers available in the market. It is priced at around $100, but it is possible to get it for less depending on which retailer one buys it from. This product offers excellent value for money since it can be used day after day for years on end without having to be repaired or replaced. Needless to say, this is only possible if the clippers are used in the correct manner and if they are looked after properly.

The Andis Master Clippers is a great buy for anyone looking for hair clippers for men who wants to do heavy duty cutting. A person who buys one of these clippers for home use can save quite a bit of money in the long term since he will be able to keep his hair looking neat and tidy without having to go to a barber.

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Andis’ Improved Master Clipper is perfect for all-around cutting and tapering. Its high-speed motor runs quiet and cool and is designed for


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