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  All you Need To Know To Buy The Best Nose Hair Trimmer

best nose hair trimmerChoosing the Best Nose Hair Trimmer – It Pays To Be Picky!

Are you troubled by a lot of nasal hair that sticks out of your nostrils? What about hair sprouting from your ears? You’ll easily be able to deal with this problem with the help of the best nose hair trimmer. As a matter of fact, this device is a very important one if you want to make sure that you look well-groomed at all times. These clippers are also make a wonderful gift for a husband or a boyfriend.

These handy little gadgets have small blades that rotate, thereby cutting the little hairs that grow in the nostrils. They are able to achieve this without harming the delicate skin of the nostrils. They are a better option to using a tweezers to pluck the hairs out.

Tweezers are actually not recommended for this job because they can damage the skin of the inner nostrils. Besides, if you have done this even once then you will not how very painful it is. In addition, you will be doing yourself a great disservice by removing the hairs that are designed to prevent dust from entering your airways. A hair trimmer will keep your nose hairs short enough to be well out of sight while still being able to do their job.

There are many different types of ear and nose hair trimmers available in the hair clippers for men market these days, and you can get quite confused because of the many options available. You’ll find it very easy to choose the best nose hair trimmer as long as you know exactly what to look for.

  1. Safety is a very important consideration in a nose hair trimmer. Since this is a very sensitive area and you can’t afford to have any cuts here, it is a good idea to buy a trimmer that has a blade cover. This will ensure that the blade will not come in direct contact with your skin at any point of time.
  2. Make sure that the nose hair trimmer has a very sharp and long lasting blade. Stainless steel blades are generally very good but titanium or ceramic are the best, even though they are extremely expensive.
  3. Cheaper nose hair trimmers operate on the basis of a battery. However, replacement batteries can increase its cost over a long time. Corded ones are also very affordable but they are not very convenient to use. The best nose hair trimmer for a person who travels a lot is one that operates on a rechargeable battery. This will increase the cost of the device but it will give the user the flexibility to take it with him anywhere.
  4. Look for a trimmer that has an ergonomic design. This will make it very easy for you to use it.
  5. The motor should not get overheated due to prolonged use or else you will not be able to hold the device comfortably.

Be sure to consider many different options before you decide upon the best nose hair trimmer for you. One of the most affordable yet reliable options available in the market these days is the Andis 13430 Platinum Personal Trimmer.  Priced at around $10, this trimmer has a rustproof blade made of surgical steel. Its blades are placed deeper than those of most other trimmers, thereby ensuring that they cannot reach the skin. However, this also means that you’ll have to make multiple passes over hairs in order to cut them. This trimmer works on a single “AA” battery and it has a surprisingly strong motor. However, you’ll need to keep replacing the batteries and this will add to your costs.

The Panasonic ER421KC Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer is also a great option. This is a relatively expensive gadget priced between $20 and $30 depending on where you buy it from. This trimmer has a whole lot of attractive features as befits its price. Its design includes a safety cone that keeps your skin safe. It is able to cut the nasal hair down to a reasonable level thereby leaving enough to do its normal function of filtering out dust and other airborne particles. The curved blades of this trimmer are made of special stainless steel.

The trimmer is equipped with a bright light that enables you to see exactly what is being cut. You are unlikely to miss out on stray hairs thanks to its light. You will also like the streamlined design of this trimmer. Another advantage of this trimmer is that you can dunk the whole thing in water in order to clean it properly. Like most nose hair trimmers, this one too runs on an “AA battery”.

Be sure to take plenty of time in order to determine which the best nose hair trimmer is. This will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the particular gadget that you buy.

  Ear Hair Trimmer – How To Purchase the Right One?

ear hair trimmerMost men undermine the importance of an ear hair trimmer in personal grooming and hygiene. These trimmers can be used not just for trimming the excess hair on the ears but also in the nose and neck region as well.

Ear trimmers must be used not just for cosmetic purposes but also because these have many advantages and play an important role in personal hygiene.

Excess growth of hair in and around the ears can lead to accumulation of debris and dirt in the ear which affects the hearing process and also makes you prone for ear infections.

Using an ear hair trimmer, you can remove the excess lengths of hair easily and without causing any injury to you external or internal ear.

Many men try to remove the extra hair using a pair of scissors instead of an ear hair trimmer. But this can be pretty dangerous as a tiny mistake can result in injury to your ear.

The other benefit of an ear hair trimmer is that it can be used anywhere even while you are travelling because of its small and compact size. It causes less discomfort when compared to tweezers, and is also less likely to cause a sensitive reaction like plucking can sometimes do.

It is best to purchase an electric ear hair trimmer which can also be battery operated. The blades are small and mild and attached to the angled tip of the trimmer. So it becomes very easy to handle the equipment and safely cut the excess hair.

There are so many different models and types of ear hair trimmers in the market today that choosing the right one can be difficult. Remember to always purchase an ear hair trimmer that is manufactured by a trusted brand so that the best technology is used.

One of the best models of an ear hair trimmer available in the market today is the Philips Norelco NT-9110 Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer which can be used for nose, ears and eyebrows. This is a powerful micro-trimmer made with the best precision technology for ease of use and handling. Another benefit of this model is that it is 100% waterproof so that you can use it in the shower and also store it in your bathroom closet.

This trimmer has an ergonomic handle which allows you to get the right angle for trimming the hair; the coating on the handle grip also enables you to grip tightly without slipping. There is also a safeguard trimmer which allows only hair to enter and prevents the occurrence of nicks and cuts on your skin or ear surface. This ear hair trimmer comes with an AA battery and also has a protective cap to cover the blades when not in use.

Another good option for an ear hair trimmer is the Panasonic ER-GN30. This sleek and compact ear hair trimmer is slightly expensive but features the best technology for advanced trimming and ease of use. It is 100% waterproof and washable and also extremely easy to maintain. It is battery operated making it travel-friendly.

The dual edge blade featured in this model makes trimming easy and efficient without any nicks or injuries to the surrounding skin. The AA LR6 alkaline batteries present in this model are long lasting and can be used upto one year which gives the best value for money.

The blades are manufactured from stainless steel and are hypoallergenic so that anyone can use it safely. There is also a safety cone present in this model that prevents the skin from coming into contact with the rotary blades.

While purchasing an ear hair trimmer as part of your hair clippers for men, there are certain points to be kept in mind. Always choose a model that is safe for use. Take a good look at the blades and the angle in which these are positioned so that you do not end up hurting yourself especially your ears.

Do not buy any model where the skin can come into direct contact with the blade; instead look out for a trimmer that has a safeguard option. The other important point to consider while buying an ear hair trimmer is the material with which the blades are manufactured.

Stainless steel and titanium are the most recommended as these are the strongest and also most suitable for all skin types. These also tend to be rust proof and last for an incredible length of time.

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