What to Consider When Buying A Stubble Trimmer – How to Get A Sexy After-5 Look

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Trends in men’s fashion change very often these days and this includes facial hair, and not just clothes and accessories. The most fashionable men these days are trying out a look that is built around a sexy stubble; this is the male equivalent of a bed-head. Like any sexy look, this one too takes a lot of effort to create and maintain. However, there are quite a few interesting stubble trimmer products available on the market these days. You’ll need to know what to consider when buying a stubble trimmer so that you too can work on increasing your face value.

It isn’t hard to understand why men want to look a little scruffy today. It is increasingly common to spot Hollywood stars sporting stubble on their jaw. George Clooney is the perfect example of a man who looks sophisticated and glamorous even without shaving. Gerard Butler is another man who looks absolutely gorgeous with his facial hair. Even James Bond, as portrayed by the brooding Daniel Craig has a shadow on his jaw now and then.

Sexy Stubble – It’s Not Just an Unshaven Look

A man cannot get a gorgeous after-5 stubble merely by not shaving that day. As any fashionable and well-groomed person will tell you, there is a lot of work that goes into creating the perfect look. Keep in mind that this look can easily go wrong. If the hair is a little too long or not properly trimmed along the edges then the man will merely look lazy and unkempt.

The following points should help you get the look you desire:

–          For starters, a man needs to have the right kind of hair growth on his face. If you sprout thick hair evenly all over your cheeks and chin then you are the perfect candidate for this look.

–          You will need the right equipment in order to give yourself the perfect stubble. You need to know exactly what to consider when buying a stubble trimmer so that you pick up the right one.

–          The look takes a lot of maintenance and you should be willing to invest time in this every morning. You’ll also need to time your shaves well so that you have just the right length of facial hair for an important event when you need to look your best. If you have normal growth then you will have to use your trimmer every day or every alternate day.

–          Make sure that the skin on your face is supple and moisturized. Prime your facial skin just before you use the stubble trimmer by holding a warm towel to it for a few seconds.

–          Keep a razor handy so that you can shave your neck absolutely clean or else you will look very untidy and decidedly unsexy. Don’t forget to keep the area around your nose absolutely free of hair as well because this is an absolute turn-off for any person who looks at you from close quarters.

Points To Consider When Buying a Stubble Trimmer

There are quite a few stubble trimmer products available on the market these days thanks to the increasing popularity of the 5 o’clock shadow. You’ll need to know what to consider when buying a stubble trimmer or else you will not be happy with what you have purchased.

  1. It should be easy to use. Keep in mind that you are likely to need it in the mornings when you are getting ready for work or any important meeting. The last thing you need is a complicated device that takes up a lot of your time.
  2. It should be able to offer you many length options so that you can keep varying your look. You might also need to keep your hair at varying lengths on different parts of your face and neck.
  3. The blades should preferably be self-sharpening so that you don’t have to spend time putting oil on them in order for them to work properly.
  4. The stubble trimmer should be easy to clean.
  5. An ergonomic design is a definite advantage since this will make the device easy to grip and use. You’ll easily be able to use it on the contours of your face.
  6. It should not be very heavy or else you’ll find it very hard to use.
  7. If you choose a cordless device then you should check whether its battery is a good one. You will have a lot of problems if the battery goes dead after a while because it no longer gets charged properly.
  8. Cost is also an important criterion, but never at the expense of quality. You’ll need to make sure that the cordless trimmer you buy gives you excellent value for money.

Be sure to do plenty of research so that you buy the best possible cordless stubble trimmer, as this is essential when it comes to choosing hair clippers for men. You will then be able to maintain your look exactly the way you want it.