Cutting Hair At An Angle Using Hair Clippers For Men

When you are cutting hair with clippers, it is very important to learn the correct techniques to assist you in getting the perfect result every time. The best way to learn is often to copy someone who is doing it successfully. In this case, who better to show you the technique for cutting hair at an angle using hair clippers for men than a professional hairdresser!

We again extend our thanks to ExpertVillage for this short instructional video. In it you will learn the best way to trim your hair after you have used hair clippers for men to achieve a great looking blend in your desired style. Often people think when using scissors, they should just cut directly from the side of the head above where the hair clippers have been used, however this will not give you the correct result.

The only way to properly achieve the perfect blend for the top of the side of the head, through to the crown of the head, is to take hair between your fingers and extend it 90 degrees out from the scalp, and cut hair at an angle in this manner, ensuring it is combed back over the clipped section each time.

If you watch professional hairdressers or barbers at work, you will notice they use this technique constantly. Whilst it may look like they are doing repetitive motions to cut small sections of hair at a time, it is actually a critical part of the process to achieve a great looking result.

It is also important that you use a pair of sharp hair clipping scissors for this exercise, to ensure the hair is not pulled and is cut evenly. Using your hair clippers for men, you will find that you can achieve the majority of your style with the clippers themselves, however cutting hair at an angle requires a little practice to ensure you have the correct blending of two cutting techniques to achieve your desired result.

In a future video in our How To Create A Professional Men’s Hair Cut’ series’, ExpertVillage will demonstrate how easy it is to achieve a comb-over cut when using hair clippers for men.

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