How To Disassemble Your Oster Classic 76 Clippers!

Whilst we would not recommend that you regularly take apart your Oster Classic 76 Hair Clippers for men, there may be times where you need to disassemble them in order to clean them, or if you wish to ensure all working parts are in order. If you are a handyman, you will find that with a screwdriver and pliers you can quite easily take your Oster Clippers apart.

The trick is always to remember how to put them back together again! In this excellent video guide, you will learn in less than 10 minutes how to completely dissasemble your Oster Classic 76 clippers, and as the presenter shows, all you need to do to put them back together is to ‘reverse the process’, putting everything back together in the same order as you took it apart!

Of course like any handyman exercise the key is organisation. You need to preplan ensure you set your screws and parts aside in the order in which you removed them, and be very careful not to ’round’ your screw holes by forcing the screws or you will have trouble getting the screws out next time!

One very important thing to remember also is that you should not attempt to take your Oster Classic 76 clippers apart whilst the unit is under warranty, as any sign of opening the unit poses the risk of voiding your warranty. If the unlikely event that your Oster clippers do not work properly during the warranty period, be sure to contact a service center as your repair costs may be covered – please check the warranty card first to check this is the case! Any sign of tampering, including screw holes being rounded, may be enough for the manufacturer to reject your claim for warranty support!

In another video in our ‘Maintaining Hair Clippers For Men’ series you will see that there is no need to completely disassemble your Oster Classic 76 clippers in order to maintain them, however if you are the curious type or want to take them apart completely this video guide above will assist you. If you wish to view the ‘twice a year maintenance’ video please click here.








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