Hair Cutting Techniques – Blending Below The Line When Using Hair Clippers For Men

If there is one word that can describe this hair cutting technique shared by our friends at ExpertVillage, it is ‘below’. What does this mean? You will have to watch this short video to find out one of the key secrets in hair cutting techniques, which will ensure you get the perfect result every time you are using hair clippers for men!

One of the main achievements in using professional hair cutting techniques is a result that is consistent, even, and has a uniform style. I would like to draw an analogy to what is taught in this video. If you are painting a wall, and have already painted a section, what is the best way to paint the next section that adjoins, to ensure you get a perfect blend? Would you start in the middle from the end of the previously painted section, and then just paint upwards? No! Anyone who knows anything about painting knows you need to ‘feather’ the join, meaning you need to blend the previously painted section to the newly painted section.

So, I hear you ask, what on earth does this have to do with getting the perfect result when using hair clippers for men? Everything! Please bear with me and I will explain 🙂 Most people when they need to blend a men’s hair clipper cut with the top section of hair, start in the middle of the side of the head and cut the length straight across. The result? An uneven cut where you can easily see the cut lines! Not a good look!

So what is the best means in hair cutting techniques to achieve a consistent blend? To start ‘below’ the scissor trimmed side section, an inch or so below the top of the clipped section. By making your way upwards using this technique, trimming evenly as you go, you can blend the clipper and scissor cuts perfectly, to get a neatly styled cut. Sound difficult? It isn’t, just watch this 1 1/2 minute video and you are on your way to becoming an expert in using hair clippers for men!


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