Hair Cutting Techniques – Cutting The Top Corner of Men’s Hair


In this latest video thanks to Casey from Elements University & ExpertVillage, we show you how to cut the top ‘corner’ of men’s hair, which is one of our essential hair cutting techniques that you need to master to get the best results when using hair clippers for men!

When we talk about the ‘corner’ of a man’s head, we are not referring to a corner per se, given the head is round! In the absence of any other better description we are talking about the side section of the head, below the middle ‘mohawk’ section which we learned to trim in the last video ‘Hair Cutting Techniques – Cutting The Top Of Men’s Hair‘, and above the clipped side section we learned about in the first video ‘How To Cut Men’s Hair With Clippers’ where we showed you how to use hair clippers for men ┬áto achieve a professional result every time!

It is important to recognize the dynamics and shape of the human head when cutting this side or ‘corner’ section. Given we have been point cutting the hair to ensure a perfect blend with the section trimmed with the hair clippers for men, we will continue this process to ensure an even overall result. As Casey demonstrates in this short video, the trick is to take a section of hair, and recognize that there is a ‘short’ and a ‘long’ side. The short side of the hair section is that which is blended into the top section that we have previously trimmed.

The long side therefore is the ‘side’ or ‘corner’ section still maintaining length. By point cutting from the long side towards the short side of the section, you will find you create a lovely blend between the sections, so that it looks natural with no lines visible.

You continue to do this to the side section starting at the back and working your way, point cutting each section, until you reach the front of the head. Overcomb at each step to ensure you are achieving the desired result and the cut looks even. Once you have finished with this side or ‘corner’, move to the other side and repeat the process.

That’s all there is to it! In the next video ,we will share a tip on how to put the final touches to blending the result with your clipped section and the top trimmed section. Click here to watch it now!

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