Hair Cutting Techniques – Cutting The Top Section of Men’s Hair


In this video you will discover how to cut the top of men’s hair, being one of the key hair cutting techniques used by professional hairdressers and barbers. Thanks again to ExpertVillage for this 2 1/2 minute video showing this technique in detail.

Following on from our last video, you will now know how to point cut men’s hair to get a perfectly blended result when using hair clippers for men. Now that you know how to achieve this result with scissors, it is time to put it into practice for the top section of the head to complete the hair cut!

When cutting the top section of hair, it is important to create an imaginary section that extends from the back to the front of the head. This is known as the mid section, or sometimes is called the ‘mohawk’ section of the top of the head.

The trick is to utilize your point cutting hair cutting technique, starting at the back and slowly working your way to the front of the head, combing over the clipped section at each stage to ensure a perfect and consistent blend.

When you reach the front of the hair, it is critical not to cut straight across the fringe section. Depending upon what effect you want in relation to the length of your front section, you must continue to point or notch cut the front section of hair, grasping it tightly at each stage to ensure an even effect when cutting. Once you have been able to do this successfully, you have mastered one of the main professional hair cutting techniques!

Please do check out the other videos in our series ‘How To Create A Professional Men’s Hair Cut’. You will learn so many hair cutting techniques that can take professionals years to master, however by watching and learning from this video series you can quickly master the hair cutting techniques to ensure you get the best result from your hair clippers for men!



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