Hair Cutting Techniques – Point Cutting With Scissors

In this video thanks to ExpertVillage, you can learn one of the most important hair cutting techniques – how to point cut men’s hair to give the perfect blend when cutting men’s hair with clippers. This is a really important technique to master, and if you can, you will produce a fantastic result when cutting hair with clippers. It really is not difficult to achieve. Like all techniques, half the battle is being shown by someone who knows what they are doing, so that you can practice and learn it for yourself to make yourself an expert when using hair clippers for men!

Many people when cutting hair with scissors tend to select a section of hair and cut it horizontally from the head. The problem when doing this is that the hair, when laid down, will not sit correctly across the clipped section. This results in the scissor cuts looking odd and out of place, as they do not create a uniform look in line with the neatly trimmed section. In learning how to cut men’s hair with scissors, this is one of the most important professional techniques you can learn!

As Casey demonstrates in this video, the key is to do what is called point cutting, or notch cutting. In summary you hold the hair away from the head and ‘notch’ the hair on an angle, and continue to do so until the hair is at the desired length. Whilst it may seem like this would create an inconsistent result, in actual fact the opposite is true. When the hair is combed down, you will see you have a beautifully consistent blend with the section you have styled with your hair clippers for men.

In the next video in our ‘How To Create A Professional Men’s Hair Cut’ video series, you will learn how to cut the top section of the hair when cutting men’s hair with clippers. To watch the next video in the series, click here….


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