How To Use Hair Clippers For Black Men – An Overview

In this video, which is taken from the excellent DVD series ‘Clipper Cutting TechniquesHair Clippers For Black Men‘, a professional black barber shares the basic technique for using hair clippers for black men. In this 3 minute video you will learn that this technique is largely based on keeping an even, spherical curve to your hair clipper path when applying the hair clippers to the various sections of the head.

The technique is also largely based on the use of the blade guard as a guideline to control this path. By using the guard as a guide it ensures that when clipping or shaving different sections of the head, the pattern is identical. This ensures that regardless of the angle being followed, the path is neat and even.

Don’t be fooled though by how simple it looks, it does take a little practice 🙂 Once you have mastered this technique however, you will be very well skilled in using hair clippers for black men, as you will have the knowledge and skills to manage the unique hair type of a African American man.

You will note also in the video that the professional black barber does use different blades for clipping different parts of the head, in this case to trim the sideburns he uses a number 1 comb. This is important, as the lengths of different sections of the hair require different treatments to ensure that it all blends together, and to provide a uniform consistency.

Many black men like to trim their hair or shave their head regularly. By learning how to best control the hair growth pattern using hair clippers for men, you will be well positioned to ensure you always maintain your grooming to your liking, regardless of the hair style you wish to maintain.

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