How To Select the Right Men’s Hair Clippers To Suit You!

mens hair clippersHair clippers are a very important accessory for men who like to stay properly groomed at all times. A man can cut his hair at home (or get someone at home to do it for him) if he has a really good hair clipper with him.

A good hair clipper does cost a hundred dollars or so, but it can help a man save a great deal of time or money in the long term since he won’t have to make time-consuming trips to the barber or hair dresser. There are many different types of clippers available in the market these days but you’ll need to be absolutely sure about what type of men’s hair clippers are right for you.

One way to find out what type of men’s hair clippers are right for you is to do a lot of research on the subject. This will enable you to choose the right type and model to ensure you have a really tidy and short haircut. You’ll need to start by choosing between non motorized and electric clippers.

Non Motorized Hair Clippers – Inexpensive But Unwieldy

Non motorized hair clippers are relatively inexpensive but they are correspondingly difficult to use. As a matter of fact, they can be quite unwieldy and large. They also take quite some time to get the job done. The other disadvantage of these clippers is that a person cannot usually use them on his own hair, especially to reach hair that grows on the back of his head. However, it has to be admitted that they are very long lasting and are extremely easy to maintain. Even so, it is no surprise that most people these days prefer to buy motorized hair clippers, especially for home use.

Electric Hair Clippers – Convenient and Fast

Motorized or electric hair clippers work along the same principle as manual ones, except for the fact that the blades move much faster and with greater precision. These clippers also tend to be more compact in size in addition to being ergonomically designed. If you are wondering what type of men’s hair clippers are right for you then you’d do well to look at the different types of motorized hair clippers because you’ll find them far easier to use.

–          A cordless hair clipper is generally very easy to use but battery life is sometimes an issue here.

–          An ordinary electric hair clipper will be able to work without requiring pauses for charging. However, the fact that it needs to be plugged in can be quite inconvenient.

Electric hair clippers generally come in two options and you should be able to figure out what type of men’s hair clippers are best for you if you look at both options.

1. Detachable blade clipper: It is a very versatile option since it can be used on hairs of varying lengths and textures. It normally comes with many blades that can be fitted to it depending on the kind of hair to be cut. For instance, the 3 ¾ blade is designed to cut hair to around ½ inch in length. The 3 ½ blade is used in case you need hair slightly shorter, say 3/8 inch. The 000 blade is best suited for fades as well as a military style flat top haircut. The 0000 and 00000 blades give the shortest possible haircuts and ensure that hair is trimmed really close without any lines visible.

2. Adjustable clipper: This particular type of clipper has a permanently attached blade that you can adjust to different lengths in order to get a variety of haircuts. It is relatively easy to operate and you can use your thumb to adjust the length as and when required. If you need the clipper for home use and will only be using one type of blade then this might be the best option for you.

One thing that is critical when using men’s hair clippers is knowing the correct technique for using them to best effect. It can take some practice, so to assist we have provided men’s hair clippers training videos to ensure you get the best out of your mens hair clippers.

Hair Clippers vs. Trimmers

When considering what type of men’s hair clippers are right for you you’ll also need to factor in how it is going to be used. If you plan to do heavy duty haircutting then a clipper is a good choice. It will help you look well groomed but be warned that you can’t use it to cut hair extremely close. Trimmers are designed to be used on areas where you need a very close cut, for example around the ears and the back of the neck. Many clippers today come with a trimmer attachment so that the user can get a really good hairstyle.

So What Type Of Men’s Hair Clippers Are Right for You?

It is best to select hair clippers for men that are built to last long, even if you have to pay more money for it. Make your selection based upon the features that are important to you. Keep in mind that the clipper has to be reliable, accurate and easy to use because you can’t really afford to make any mistakes when grooming your hair!









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