Ensure Your Oster Classic 76 Clippers Last You A Lifetime!

Like any highly tuned precision equipment, your Oster Classic 76 hair clippers need some love and attention from time to time, in order to keep them operating at their best. You have spent a considerable sum of money to purchase these professional hair clippers for men, therefore it is important to ensure you take good care of them to ensure they return not only perfect haircut results, but also the savings you can make by managing your hair style needs at home! In actual fact, if you think of how much use hair clippers for men would get at a barber or hairdresser salon and the ‘punishment’ they receive from daily use, there is no reason why with regular care you cannot keep your Oster Classic 76 hair clippers in top condition for many years to come.

The video above is only 9 minutes long, but has some excellent information and tips on how to maintain your Oster Classic 76 clippers. David Guerin, the self-dubbed ‘Style Renegade’ produced this video that shows you how easy it is to keep your clippers in good condition. With regular cleaning and a twice yearly maintenance exercise the time is well spent to maintain your investment in excellent condition. Thanks David for the great insights and tips!

It is of course important to remember not to do anything that can void your warranty during the coverage period. Your manual that comes with the Oster Classic 76 hair clippers will advise what to do to clean the clippers regularly and what maintenance is required, including oiling the machine. Beyond this however the manufacturer would probably advise to take your clippers to an approved service center, however this will cost you quite a bit of money. Some of the maintenance that needs to be performed is easily done at home if care is taken.

In a further video in the ‘Maintenance Of Hair Clippers For Men’ we will show you exactly how to take your Oster Classic 76 hair clippers to pieces, in order to give them as thorough a clean as possible. We do not recommend going to this level necessarily, however if you find that you have an issue with your clippers and are handy, you can easily perform this exercise yourself as long as you are careful and keep track of your steps!







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