Wahl Clipper Trying to find the best hair clippers for men is oftentimes, a task easier said than done and the reason for this is that is a highly subjective issue which means that every man and his dog has their own opinion on it.

In the category of electric hair trimmers, there is one product that has been lauded by people from across the world, and that is the Wahl 79524. With an average retail price of around $50, this is one product that manages to eloquently encapsulate a basic truism about life:

“You get what you pay for.”

To the average consumer, they will no doubt be somewhat deterred by virtue of the fact that the Wahl 79524 happens to be a model of Wahl hair clippers that is most commonly relied upon by hair professionals in the performance of their duties, and the reason for their apprehension is that they think that they are paying over the odds for an item that should be fairly straightforward.

In reality, many of the cheaper models (somewhat cruelly categorised as the $20 horrors) is that they do not have any degree of reliability or efficiency about them and so the electric motor contained within them will burn out, or they simply refuse to actually provide an even, level shave around the targeted areas. The end result is an outright disaster.

With the Wahl 79524 on the other hand, the consumer will be able to have access to 29 different clipper heads in order to ensure that the maximum degree of precision and shaping of the hair is achieved with the minimum amount of fuss or trouble to the user.

Another very noteworthy and commendable feature of the Wahl 79524 is that the consumer will also be able to directly benefit from the inclusion of carbon steel blades which are featured within the razor. The reason that this is significant is due to the fact that it directly ensures that the razor will not then become totally defunct within a matter of a few months by virtue of the blades becoming blunt after only a few uses.

Sadly, this is a problem most commonly found within cheap brands of electric hair clippers for men.

One of the best features of the Wahl 79524 hair clipper is that it does not just deal with the hair on your head, it can even be applied to deal with nasal hair, your eyebrows, along with facial hair as well such as beard and mustache. In short, if you are looking for a reliable, high quality hair clipper for men that will provide you with the maximum amount of results and precision at an affordable price, then the Wahl 79524 is the model of choice for you.

The Oster Fast Feed Clipper is another very sterling and stalwart model of hair clippers, and has been praised for being just as flexible and reliable as the Wahl 79524. One of the best features of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper is that it happens to be extremely lightweight as well.


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